Thursday, December 1, 2011

That place again

It's official.  We're at that place again. 

The place where what you thought was going to happen, doesn't happen.

Where you either get mad about your situation and give up, or you hang on and trust God. 

The day after Thanksgiving, V and her Dad let me know they are planning to keep the baby.  I had wondered if it might be coming, so I was not caught completely off guard.  But it was still hard. 

Three days ago, on Lucas' birthday (his one wish!), this precious baby made her appearance.  There was such happiness in his voice when V's dad called to share the news.  She is very loved.  I suspect she has her Grandpa wrapped around her little finger already.

We've been invited to continue in our friendship with this sweet family.  We are not sure what that will look like yet, but we look forward to keeping a connection with them.

Please pray for us as we walk this road. 

Please also pray for V as she begins her parenting journey.

This is not easy.  We are a little discouraged.  This was to be a designated adoption, which would cost us only basic legal fees.  Now we will work with our adoption agency and our fees will be $9,000.  Their fees are SO reasonable and warranted.  They cover counseling, a few birthmother expenses, legal paperwork, etc.  And we love our agency, so we are happy to pay for their services.  But it is a big jump for a family that just experienced three years of unemployment.  (Did I mention Andy just started a new job?  That is another post! :)

Thank you for the loving support and encouragement we've received from so many of you.  You remind us in these low moments that this journey is about much more than growing a family.
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