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pictured: 16 oz. tub of whipped butter
Organic Whipped Body & Hair Butters ~ Luxurious moisture for dry skin and curly locks. These butters are homemade with organic, unrefined ingredients, for maximum nourishment for skin and hair.

10 oz tubs.  Labels created by my talented SIL, Sarah! :)

Mango/Shea/Coconut Whipped Butters 
Flavors: Sweet Orange, Peppermint, & Natural
Ingredients: unscented mango butter, organic/unrefined shea butter, organic/unrefined coconut oil, sweet orange or peppermint essential oil

Cocoa/Shea/Coconut Whipped Butters 
Flavors:  Chocolate Orange, Choc. Peppermint, & Original
Ingredients: organic/unrefined cocoa butter, organic/unrefined shea butter, organic/unrefined coconut oil, sweet orange or peppermint essential oil

I also sell Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils.  I can make custom orders in any flavor!

Flavors: Sweet Orange & Peppermint
Ingredients: organic/unrefined shea butter, organic/unrefined coconut oil, beeswax, sweet orange or peppermint essential oil

Peppermint:    10-oz tubs - 0
                            16-oz tubs - 0
                        Samples - 4

Sweet Orange: 10-oz tubs - 3
                        16-oz tubs - 0
                        Samples - 0

Natural:           10-oz tubs - 1
                        16-oz tubs - 0
                        Samples - 2

Original:          10-oz tubs - 1
                       16-oz tubs - 0
                        Samples - 1

Important!  Body butter season is October through March.
It is just too hot in Phoenix to make it the rest of the year, and it is good for me to take a break to spend extra time with my family. 

Please email me directly at andykiara @ (take out spaces).  Please specify the product, size, and flavor.  I will reply to confirm your order, and I will tell you when your order has shipped.

***For quickest shipping, order from my IN STOCK list.  I update it often.  Custom orders are sometimes done within a couple days, and other times take quite a while!  Such is life with a big family. :)

10-oz tubs of organic whipped body/hair butter cost $15 each, plus $3 shipping per tub. (Similar organic whipped body butter products on the market sell for $25 - $60, and this product is labor intensive to make, and the ingredients are expensive.)

16-oz tubs are available upon request for locals customers, and for bulk shipped orders (3 or more).  $25 each, plus $3 shipping per tub.

Chapstick - $3 per tube, plus $.50 shipping per tube.

New! - 1 oz samples of any of my 6 main flavors.  Cost is $3 per sample, plus $.50 per sample for shipping. 

You may pay by cash, check, or Paypal.  Click the button on our homepage to pay through Paypal.  (Cash or check helps us avoid Paypal fees.) 


~*~ If you feature our product on your blog/Facebook/Twitter, or grab our button, I will give you a $10 credit toward an order of body/hair butter!  Email me and tell me where you shared, and what you'd like to order, and I'll mail it out to you ASAP. ~*~
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