Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Brooklyn's 'babies'

At 22 months old, Brooklyn has a new pastime.  She catches flies.  They are her babies.  I have no idea how she is so good at this, but she catches them regularly! 

Here, she is scrunching up her shoulders and squealing with delight. :)

"Fy! Fy!"  (She is like a delighted little Mama as she cares for her 'baby'.)

She often gives the fly a home and carries it around the house saying 'baby', and showing it to whoever will take the time to look.

Once I realize what she's busy with, we take it outside and 'let it go'.  In the planter, of course, so she doesn't notice so easily that it's no longer moving.  And then we wash our hands. :)

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