Change is Good

This fundraiser is on hold, but feel free to use the idea, as stated below.  If you'd like a change jar to contribute to Keandre's allergy treatments, just let me know. :)

We are excited to announce our second fundraiser!  Throw your spare change in a jar, and watch how quickly it adds up.  What an easy way to come alongside an adoptive family, and let your children be involved, too! :) 

Whether nickels, dimes, and pennies too,
Or the "change" that welcomes someone new
into our family, it's understood,
That either way, "Change is good!"

Designed by my sweet sister, Sarah, especially for our adoption, these labels can be mailed anywhere, or if you live nearby, I can drop off a jar to you.

Please feel free to use our idea for your own fundraiser, just credit the name back to our blog, and the poem to Sarah T. Thank you! :)
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