Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Day in First Grade

On our way to the first grade Open House.

It's official.  Destany is in first grade!  Ultimately, we hope to have both Lucas and Destany at a local Montessori school, but while we wait to see if there is a little movement on the waiting list, Destany is at the local school, and Lucas chose to continue home schooling.  Yes, I have mixed feelings about it.  But we are quite content to try out public school for a time, knowing we can return to home schooling at any time. 

At the end of the day, we were presented with a little keepsake.  You may notice that she wrote Nichole instead of Destany.  Yes, at school our sweetie is going by her middle name, Nichole.  At home, too, if she can get us to remember!  We have always liked the name Nichole, and it is her birthmother's name, too.  So when she decided that starting at a new school was a good time to try out a new name, we agreed.  So far, so good!

ps - She looks so cute in her uniform. :)


UntrainedHairMom said...

She is beautiful! Glad her first day went well :) I love her name too, very pretty!

The Kinkel Family said...

Yay, Destany!!! Such a big girl! And she does look *adorable* in her uniform :)

The "Not-So" Empty Nest said...

1st grade!! Have fun Destany ;)

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