Sunday, September 19, 2010

Is was a cool was a happy morning!

After Destany's party yesterday, we invited Arjay and Dedrick to stay the night.  Thankfully, naptime was next on the agenda, and all but two kiddos slept, so even Mama was able to catch some Zs!  That was a great start to our time together. :)

After naps, first on the list was a snack and a nice long walk at dusk, followed by dinner, showers, and stories and prayers before bed.  Everyone was *wiped out*, and soon it was quiet.  Peaceful and quiet.  Blissful. 

And then....bright and early the pitter patter of feet, a 20-month-old who had forgotten where he was, kids excited to go outside and play.  And with the weather a cool 75 degrees, we lived it up!

Sorry - no pictures of the sleepy Mama. ;)  And Daddy was long gone, miles away, biking.  But, amazing Daddy that he is, he was soon home and took over so I could take a little break.  I can hear them wrestling out there right now.  Love it!
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