Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dear Grammy Tami


All of our children are aware, to some degree, of the big, wide world of blogging.  Our out-of-town family reads our blog and talks with them about it.  The kids enjoy seeing pictures on friends' blogs.  They have their own blogs that we incorporate into home schooling.  And sometimes they ask me to do specific posts on our family blog.  Here is a post that Keandre asked me to write!

We have very open adoptions (meaning fully identified, visits, etc.), although contact is sometimes sporadic.  Keandre's biological Grandma and Great-Grandma, as well as an uncle (age 6) live in Nevada.  We have not pursued much contact this year since we were rather busy with pregnancy bed rest and adding a precious newborn to our busy lives.  But recently we have been looking at pictures of his birth family and talking about them more. 

Today Keandre wanted to call Grammy Tami and leave her a message.  Then he drew her a special picture.  Then he dictated a very long letter for her!  He asked me to post it here.
Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dear Grammy Tami,

Please come over here and please see our chickies. We have Noodle, Blossom, and other chickies, and a bunny rabbit. Please come see them. And please come see my mom. Thank you.

And please come see my bed. I sleep in my room with my brother.

We saw Mya and Dennae yesterday. And Marcel and their baby Judah. I didn’t play in the sand or on the playground. They played and then we went to catch some fishies in a pond. Lucas catched five fishies. He put them in our little pond. Please come see it. Please.

I love you. Please come to the park and see all our friends. And Granny and Papa.

Please come see our baby. We have Brooklyn Isabella. Thank you. And please. And my chickies. They are nice. And they peck. Seven chickies.

Please come see our fire pit. It’s here. At our home. Our friends come. We eat hot dogs and we eat chicken food (ha ha…not really!). We eat marshmallows. We fire them.

I write a picture for you.

love, Keandre
Are you sensing a theme in this letter? I think my little guy would like a visit! We are praying it might be possible.  Grammy Tami has already replied to his letter, and Keandre was glowing with joy as I read it to him! :) 

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Jenny said...

precious. I love to hear how he expresses things.

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