Monday, November 8, 2010

What's in a Name?


I overheard the kids discussing names for the chickies.  Names like Clementine, Sweet, and Blossom.  Very cute.  And familiar!  Turns out the kiddos named their chicks after our favorite cloth diapers.  BumGenius diapers have great names.  Destany has been wanting to learn the names of all of the colors after hearing me discuss colors with other cloth diapering Mamas.  It was so cute to see her interest, and I guess it later came in handy when she and her brothers were deciding on names!

Moonbeam, RibbitClementine, ZinniaGrasshopper, Butternut, TwilightBubble, Blossom, Sweet, and Noodle.  Cute, huh?  (Good marketing, BumGenius!) 

Here they are with their chicks.  They are growing and changing so much.  (The chicks and the kids!) 

Lucas with Clementine, Cricket (instead of 'Grasshopper'), and Butternut

Destany with Sweet and Zinnia

Keandre with Noodle and Blossom

1 comment:

Annie said...

Love your kids creativity!
and I'm really liking the addition of Cricket. :)

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