Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Day in Pictures

Andy has started biking Destany to school some days.
She loves it!

Brooklyn has the chicken pox.  Not too many spots so far.  We're doing lots of baths, which she loves!

While I was busy giving baths, Lucas decided to take the morning off school and dig a big hole in the backyard.

Before B's morning nap, we put a raw honey, cinnamon, and vitamin E mixture on her spots.  She was a sweet and sticky mess, but she slept great, and woke up happy!  Then into another oatmeal bath she went. :)


Jamie said...

I'll have to remember that pox treatment. I'm hoping we can catch them when we get home ;)

Annie said...

Such a sweet, simple, beautiful day of being a Family! Just how it should be :)

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