Saturday, September 24, 2011

Polka Dots (24 hours later)


Ah, the poor, suffering child. :)

Favorite natural remedies:
(not all at once, of course!)
  • vitamin D3
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C
  • herbal remedy every 2 hours
  • green juice with probiotics mixed in
  • bath with oatmeal in a sock; don't rinse
  • bath with a few drops peppermint oil and tea tree oil; don't rinse
  • bath with epsom salt & baking soda; don't rinse
  • 1/2 tsp. baking soda in 1 c. water; dab mixture on spots and let dry
  • organic raw apple cider vinegar; dab on spots, let dry
  • olive oil and vitamin E oil as an 'everywhere' moisturizer (optional: add 1 drop tea tree oil)
  • chaparral healing salve on spots
  • mixture of raw honey, cinnamon, & vitamin E on spots
We decided a long time ago, for a variety of reasons, that we did not want our children to have the chicken pox vaccine.  When a friend's children came down with chicken pox, we exposed all the kids and prepared ourselves for self-imposed quarantine and a good case of the itchies.  Two weeks later, Lucas & Destany had a little fever and a couple spots.  We exposed everyone again, and Keandre got a mild case (12 spots/all the classic symptoms).  What gives?

Finally, we figured it out.  Although I had told her we didn't want the vaccine, our former pediatrician (SO glad I can say 'former') gave the older three children an MMR/Varicella combination.  I didn't know such a thing existed, and I was not happy when I figured this out a few days ago.  Grrrr....  We decided that at least this was a good booster and will hopefully bring good immunity regardless.

Brooklyn was the last to get them, possibly because she is still nursing.  She is handling it wonderfully!

We know 9 or 10 families who have been taking this polka dotted journey with us, so we've had no lack of playtime with them.  But we are glad it is almost over, too!  We are ready to head back out to the park, the grocery store, and for playdates with friends who didn't feel like sharing the polka dots with us. :)


The "Not-So" Empty Nest said...

She looks pretty happy in all of her misery ;)

Denise said...

So, that answers my question about your other kids! :) Brooklyn looks great! GracieGirl was about her age when she got them and I still cringe when I look at the pics. My FIL broke down and cried when he saw them! It was really awful. E was a newborn then, so he hasn't had them. I guess you're a little too far for a visit! ;)

Anonymous said...

Granny sends a kiss for every dot.

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