Friday, June 8, 2012

Funny Friday

Just a few of the funnies around here lately....

(March '12)
Lucas got tired of holding the phone.

(April '12)
Brooklyn and cousin Madeline dressed the tortoise in baby girl pants.

Keandre and Nichole got married.  And had a child.  All in the same hour.

They were the typical, doting parents, quite proud of their cape-wearing tyke.

Uncle Ian's tortoise was part of our Easter egg hunt.  He stayed in this position for a good 15 minutes.  So cooperative! :)

A couple tigers and a cheetah planned a playdate...

...and together, they learned the joys of photography in motion.

(May 2012)
Brooklyn's hair took on a life of its own.
And she turned two! :)

 Keandre tried out a new sleeping position. He successfully slept on top of legos, a heat lamp, and his guitar. (Yes, their bedroom floor is usually that messy. I gave up -- and that is why they have a baby gate in their doorway! :)

So....what's funny in your life these days?


Aunt Sarah said...

I loved these pictures! I laughed out loud at Lucas with the phone strapped to his head (that looks SO like something Sam would do!)...and then at the girls dressing the tortoise....and then at Keandre sleeping on top of the mound o' stuff... :) Thanks for all the laughs!

Jamie said...

LOVE it!!!

AdoptionMom said...

Praise the Lord that I am NOT the only mother that has a child's bedroom floor that looks like that! lol. I given up too :O)

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