Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's great to be five!


Keandre is a big fan of Bill Cosby's 'Little Bill'. If you are familiar with the show, you'll recognize the saying, "It's great to be five!"  March 10th was Keandre's big day, and he shouted it with pride. :) 

His breakfast of choice was a plateful of hash browns.  Can you see his excitement?

Keandre asked for an easy-going party at a local park.  He requested that everyone wear his favorite color, green, and that we serve only foods that are safe for him to eat.  I gave all the parents a heads-up that this party would be a little unusual....

It worked out great!  The kids all had great attitudes about the food.  We called it an 'eat like me' party, and served fresh-sliced apples, rice cakes, roasted garbanzo beans, and green beans. 

There were meaningful conversations amongst the parents and kids about how these are foods that are safe for Keandre, and that he can't eat most of the foods that they eat.  Empathy grew. :)

 Face painting was the highlight of the party.  My creative sisters-in-law came up with some great ideas, and the kids were all impressed.

Artan and Lucas contributed to the animal theme that caught on well with the boys.  (Most of the girls were princesses.)

Dessert was rice crispies made with homemade marshmellows. Keandre ate at least five of them, and wants me to make them again soon.

We all went home tired and happy.  Our little tiger declared the day a huge success! :)


Jamie said...

Adorable! Love his party!

Nichole said...

Aw thanks for all the updates. Happy birthday Keandre!

Filipino girls said...

Oh my there very cute they look so very happy together.

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