Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School, 2012

Remember the old days, when school started after Labor Day instead of the end of July?  We're still on that schedule.  Since this blog is part family scrapbook, I've included the obligatory 'first day' photo.  Lucas is in 4th grade, Nichole is in 2nd, and Keandre is officially a Kindergartener.  No backpacks or school supplies to purchase for their Montessori school -- they keep it nice and simple. :)

Nichole celebrated her 8th birthday on the first day of school.  The class sang her a special song while she held a globe and walked around the 'sun' (a candle) eight times. 

The kids are excited to be back in school with their friends.  Andy and I are glad they're back in school, too. ;)  Really, though....we are blessed to know our children are together and have caring and motivated teachers. 

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