Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Fun

In August, we made a last-minute trip to CA to visit family.  You know the kids are growing up when you arrive more refreshed instead of completely exhausted, and actually enjoy yourself while there. :)

Andy and his parents took the kids to La Jolla for a day
while I enjoyed a little R & R.

Then Andy and I headed back out to La Jolla for a date night, complete with a walk on the beach under a full moon.  Wish we could do that more often!

 A little cousin time and a birthday celebration
rounded out the week.

And we can't forget the caterpillars.  Classic Lucas.

We finished out the week with a trip to see Auntie Elise and cousins Claire and Kyndra on the way home.  We'll definitely be heading back to that river.  Maybe we'll visit Elise and the girls while we're at it. ;)

Summer fun!

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