Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hair Day

Some little girls may dread the routine of Mama or Daddy combing, braiding, and caring for their hair, but Destany usually looks forward to hair day.  She knows hair day means I take out her braids, gently wash her hair, then admire her amazing curls in the mirror with her.  While I am putting in her new style, she loves eating special treats (like homemade kettle corn) while watching a movie.  Other times we talk, sing songs, or tell stories.  It is a special girl time, even if the boys are along for the ride.  In fact, she usually doesn't mind their presence -- she puts them to work, fetching her pillow, a toy, etc. since she has to sit still!  No matter how long it takes, this time is important for both of us.  Hair is important.  And the smile on her face when we look in the mirror at the end is priceless.

Some favorite past posts about hair:

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Another priceless interaction? When we visit Nichole (D's bmom), and Nichole tells Destany that her hair looks wonderful and Mommy is doing a great job. My daughter is so blessed to have so many in her life who love and affirm her place in our family.


Julie said...

Please tell Destany that her hair IS beautiful!

MotherGoose518 said...

So beautiful! Do you ever leave it down?

Britany said...

That looks so cute on her!!! Good job Mama!

Andy and Kiara said...

Thanks, friends! :)

Melodie, we do leave it free between styles for a day or two -- and she loves it! -- but it dries out and tangles pretty quickly so we don't do it often.

Brit, my next goal is to try your latest style that you put in Maya's hair. Love it!

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