Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday

Something that God has consistently laid upon my heart over the last few months has been stewardship.  I am often prompted to consider, 'Am I being a good steward of my time, money, home, etc.?' 

I love that we are preparing to welcome a new little one into our home, and He is busy prompting me to make changes that will benefit my whole family.  I am home a lot these days.  Between homeschooling, a not-so-easy pregnancy, and limited finances, I have fewer commitments than in the past.  Tackle It Tuesday is a way I hope to document my strides to bring glory to God through the little things -- like being grateful for my home, and keeping it well. 

As a quick explanation of Tackle it Tuesday, I used to read a couple of blogs that did weekly 'Tackle-It Tuesday' posts, and I was very motivated by these moms and what they accomplished.  So if you're looking for a little motivation of your own, here it is!  I'd love to know what projects you are inspired to begin!
This is the buffet in our kitchen.  It is also a great catch-all spot for....well, just about anything, as you can see.  I have been dreading this task but decided today was the day.  45 minutes later.....
Success!  Afterward, I rewarded myself with a 'fun' project -- putting all our Christmas pictures on display so we can enjoy them.  A relative gave us the idea of choosing a picture each night, talking to the kiddos about who the family is and why they are special to us, and praying for them together.  Now I can't wait to start!
(ps - No, I didn't also paint the wall in that 45 minutes.  The change in paint color is the difference in daylight and nighttime lighting.  No flash used.  Crazy, huh?) 

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Annie said...

Wow! Sistah! I'm impressed! I noticed your great picture display when we were over the other day - its so fun to look at! ....and now you can actually SEE it ;)

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