Sunday, December 12, 2010

1st foods


Brooklyn enjoying coconut cream. 

With our other kiddos, I read the book Super Baby Food and made homemade organic purees and introduced a wide range of healthy foods from about 6 months on.  I followed all the directions and learned how to pick the right foods, steam them, blend them, and freeze enough to last a few weeks.  And I enjoyed it!  It felt meaningful and important to feed my children this way. 

This time, however, I'm happy to mostly nurse Brooklyn and take a more laid-back approach to introducing foods.  I'd like to do just a few baby foods, and then jump straight to finger foods.  We'll see how she does as time goes on. :) 

Next stop, mashed avocado from Grandpa and Grandma's avocado ranch in California!

Credit for this baby food idea goes to my friend Julie.  Her sweetie did a taste test with some coconut cream and it was a success, so we thought we'd give it a try as well! :)

Check out this post to learn more about my new favorite approach to baby food.

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