Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nov./Dec. kids' quotes



K - "Mama, I’m getting exhausted from these pretzels." (tired of)

K – “Mommy, I’m *starving hungry*!” (A while later:) “I’m done, Mommy. I’m starving full.”

Mom – “Keandre, please worry about yourself.” (and not your sister’s business)
K – “Mom, I don’t know what to worry about. Can you tell me what to worry about?”

K - "Mommmmmy!  Why aren't you looking at me?!?!"
Mom - "Because you're throwing a tantrum, Keandre."
K - "I am NOT!  You need to look at me!"

While cuddling together after Keandre calmed down:
Mom - "I missed this side of you, Sweetie." :)
K - "Where was I, Mom???"

D – “Can chickens complicate with birds?  Can chickens talk with birds? ”
Mom – “Hmm, I’m not sure.”
D – “Can you ask the computer?”

D – “Mama, I’m not a vegetarian, I’m MEATatarian!”

D – “Mom, I put some water on my hair. I don’t want it straight anymore. I’m a CurlyGirl!”

D - "Lucas, please butt out of my business!"
Mom - "Destany!  Don't speak to your brother that way."
D - "But Mom, I said PLEASE!"

After snacks: "Look how clean my plate is, Mom. And I didn't even lick it!"

"In Flagstaff, Granny and I were looking at the whisky clouds and talking about how you can tell if it might snow or not, depending on how the whisky clouds look." 


Carolyn said...

These are great!

Denise said...

I read these when you posted them and thought that I'd commented! They are so funny. Keandre's sayings remind me so much of things that E would say. I love that you're saving these; they'll be great to look back on when your kids are older.

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