Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Annual BOHO Farmers'/Flea Market


Brand new to owning chickens, we decided to join in the fun at the local Tour de Coops this past December.  What a blast!  Our second-to-last stop was an incredible urban farm in Central Phoenix, called Boho Farm + Home.  Caroline and David were so kind, and they chatted with us for quite a while about their chickens, fruit trees and square foot gardens, and sustainable gardening in the city.  Our kiddos loved running around their lush green yard, playing with the chickens, and dreaming with us about how we'd like to make our own backyard just a little more like theirs.  (You can see Destany and Keandre with Caroline here.)

Well, long story short, they are hosting a farmer's market/flea market at their house this Saturday, and we are going to be selling our body/hair butters there!  I am excited and a bit nervous.

Now I'm praying that I will have time this week to make 8 - 10 batches of body butter.  (That in itself is time-consuming labor of love.)  Plus I'll need to do a huge batch of sweet orange and peppermint chapsticks.  And print up cards with our info on them.  And plan how to set up our booth.

I think I'll do that during my free time this week....while home schooling, caring for my family and home, and visiting with Andy's family, who will be in town this week.  Now, where did I put my Superwoman outfit???

If you'd like to stop by the Market, here is the address:

Boho Farm and Home
(Caroline & David Van Slyke)
4617 N. 39th Street
Phoenix, AZ  85018


Andy's sister said...

I'll help keep the kids entertained or the kids can entertain themselves and I can help make the butter. :) I'm interested in seeing how you make it. Sounds like a grand time!

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, how fun! I want to help out, too! I can bring my kids over sometime this week (except Thursday) for a playdate if you want.

Also, we'll try to come by the farmers market. :)

Elise said...

Looks like a wonderful farm! I'm glad you'll have some help making the butter.

Jamie said...

That is awesome! I'd come help, but our first homestudy is Saturday and I am freaking out, and my parents are out of town and can't help. AH! Tell me it will all be ok ;)

Andy and Kiara said...

Heather - Yeah! We're excited you're coming for a visit. And I'd love your help - with the kiddos or the butter! :)

Rachel - Thanks! We'll actually have family in town Tues. - Fri., so I'd love to take a raincheck on the playdate. We should do it soon....we have so much we can talk about. And it'd be fun to see you Saturday, too!

Elise - Thanks! We are really looking forward to it. Caroline is so sweet, and is going to help me figure out my table on Friday. I'm relieved!

Jamie - Your home study will go great! Remember, social workers WANT families to be able to adopt. Unless you have some major skeletons in your closet, you will be approved. If a social worker has concerns about someone, they usually just ask you to work on it and get back to them to discuss it further. Deep breaths. I'll be praying you get a great social worker! :)

shannon said...

I just saw a post about your fund raising . I have posted a link to your blog on my facebook page & added your blog button on my blog.
I do not a see a facebook link on your blog or I would have added you.

Andy and Kiara said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Shannon! I don't have a FB page...never thought of making one! ;)

shannon said...

Aww you really should make a facebook page. You can link it to your blog and updates go to Facebook.

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