Sunday, March 27, 2011

Prayers for Keandre (updated 3x)


We'd appreciate prayers for Keandre tomorrow.  His reflux has been terrible lately, and medication has not resolved the issue or prevented the pain and vomiting that he has suffered from since he was only a few months old.  We'll be spending the day at the local Children's Hospital, and at 11am he is scheduled for an upper endoscopy.  We're praying that his doctor will have answers for us soon.

When I told Keandre tonight that his doctor is going to put a tiny camera inside him to take pictures and see what's going on in there, he thought that was hilarious!  "A camera?  In my tummy?!?"  Ah, I love preschoolers. :)


Monday afternoon update:  We are home from the hospital.  Keandre's doctor met with us for quite a while to discuss the results.  Unfortunately, he didn't have good news for us.  Keandre has a lot of inflammation and damage in his esophagus.  It is likely that he has Eosinophilic Esophagitus (EE).  We will know for sure in a few days, when his biopsy results are in.  It's a bit too much to explain right now, so I'll do a new post when we know more.  For now, we are resting and thankful to be home again. 

Thank you for all your prayers and support.  The journey is far from over, but we are trusting God has a plan for our sweetie and will guide us through it all.

A big thank you to Sarah, Katrina, and Catherine for your help with Brooklyn, Destany, & Lucas.  They had a wonderful time with you!
Keandre drove a hummer through the hospital to the room where he had the procedure.  He was smiling SO big.  He couldn't believe he got to do that.  We couldn't either! ;)

He was FAST!  Nurses and doctors were jumping out of the way to avoid getting hit.  Andy & I couldn't stop laughing.

He crashed a few times.  We noticed that the walls and doors all have sheets of metal to protect them.  Now we know why.

Keandre and his doctor, in the recovery room after he woke up.  Keandre says about Dr. S., "I like how he talks.  He talks funny!"  (Dr. S. is from Ghana.)

We feel blessed, and incredibly thankful that we have wonderful doctors taking care of Keandre!


Wed. night Update:  Keandre is having a very rough week so far.  We covet your continued prayers.  He typically has a 2 - 4 days per week where is vomits a few times, and struggles with coughing and gagging.  Well, we are now taking it to a new level.  Monday after the procedure he ate just fine, and he quickly made up for the morning of fasting.  But then yesterday (Tues.) he threw up so many times I lost count.  He tried eating several times, and was successful in keeping food down only one time -- a whopping 1/2 cup of applesauce.  It was a difficult day, and heartbreaking for us to watch him suffer like this.  Today was a little better, but he is still coughing and gagging regularly.  He will be sleeping in our room indefinitely, as he wakes up coughing/gagging and struggling to breath normal.  The poor little guy is exhausted. 

The doctor has us giving him the Prevacid and Zantac still, but it's not helping.  We are waiting for news on the biopsies as well as news on whether there is more we can do to help him.

Friday morning Update: Thank you for your continued prayers.  Thursday Keandre was a little better, and today he is MUCH better!  He is still coughing and gagging occasionally, but he is eating well and keeping most of it down.  We are still waiting for test results.


Sonya said...

I hope the procedure allows the doctors to learn more and have answers for you. God be with all of you. I'll be praying.

Jenny said...

Thank you for sharing and I will be entreating our Father with you!

Emily B. said...

prayers for Keandre. And a Hummer at the children's hospital?? Genius! :)

Nadia said...

Praying Kiara..that sounds like what our foster baby was diagnosed with just after leaving us. Poor baby. The docs just wouldn't believe us. I'm so sad for K that he's still dealing with this! give him big hugs and keep us posted.

Elise said...

I love the hummer for Keandre. I'm sorry the news was not so good, but I'm glad you know what you're dealing with and hope there will be some new treatments coming up.

Runner Girl said...

We will continue to pray for Keandre, and you guys and the doctor. We love the Children's Hospital staff, we are lucky to have such a wonderful place here in Phoenix. I'm sure he is getting the best care there.

Jamie said...

I'm sorry the results were not what you were hoping for. I pray you get some answers and direction soon on how to procede with the findings. LOVED the hummer pictures!

bean said...


Andy and Kiara said...

Pat GG - You and your family are in my prayers. I pray they find out what is causing the reflux issue.

Stacy C. - Keeping him in my thoughts!

Alexandra A. - awww... we'll definitely be praying for him. let us know how everything turns out.

Rachel Roland - I'll be praying today, Kiara!

Tina L. - praying

Jocelyn M. - praying.

Kiara - Thanks, everyone! I just updated the blog post with more info from his appt.

Rachel Roland - Oh boy - that's a lot to process! There are a lot of great resources for EE, Jenny B being one of them! Praying for quick results from the biopsy and definite answers.

Cyndi L. - Preciouse Keandre is in our Father's loving grasp. Our prayers are with your family. We know what is to venture the path of child health issues. hold tight to Him he is the rock and sure foundation. love and miss you all.

(Recording these for Keandre, from FB.)

Andy and Kiara said...

Jenny B. - I will be praying for your family and would love to support in any way I can...EE can be very hard to deal with but I was blessed with support from other EE moms in the beginning of our journey. I would love to provide the same to you.

Cara W. - Hope Keandre and the whole crew are doing ok. Take care!

(from FB, for Keandre to see someday.)

Jamie said...

Poor little guy :(. I am so sorry to hear he is struggling so much and I totally hear you on the sleeping in your room forever thing. That's how I feel about Madi. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help. Is there some sort of drink with lots of vitamins, fat, and goodies he can drink to help him until he's able to eat more? I have no idea on that sort of thing, just throwing it out there.

Rachel said...

Oh Kiara! My heart is so achy for what Keandre's dealing with at such a young age! Praying for all of you.

Robin said...

Many prayers from here in WA for all of you!

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