Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Kids' Quotes

"Hi!"  (complete with super-cute wave with her right hand)
"Ah-duh" (with baby sign)

Keandre: "Mommy, I did Brooklyn's hair for you. She looks pretty now!"
Mom: "With Vaseline?!? Oh, my."

"How old am I now?  Four?  (Pause.)  Where did the 3 go???" 

K: "Can I open my presents now?"  (every 5 minutes)
Mom: "Keandre, I'm just trying to keep everyone alive right now."
K: "Well, I'm just trying to keep everyone opening my presents right now!"

"Mom, if I'm going to be snug as a bug in a hug, you'll need to hug me."
After a big hug, "Now I'm definitely snug as a bug in a hug!" 

"Mom, who is this card for?"
Kiara: "Me, it's a birthday coupon."
"Phew!  I cannot handle any more birthday invitations!"

"My mane is crazy today!"  (free hair day, which she loves!)

"All I can think of to do to get warm is hide underneath a big box.  It's the most like a blanket."  (the blankets were in the wash)

"Can someone please come get Brooklyn?!?  She's attacking me!"

"Brooklyn feels hungry."  (Me: "Oh yeah?")  "Yes, I picked her up and her tummy feels empty.  She feels hungry."

The only thing holding up this post was the need for a new pic of the kids. But since our camera disappeared the middle of March, I had to give up. There will be a new pic next month, I promise. We're giving in and buying new camera.  Yippee! :)

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