Monday, May 10, 2010

Cloth Diapering options

Part of my former overwhelm at the Cloth Diapering world was all the different types of diapers available.  I didn't know how to approach all the options, and was afraid of choosing the wrong diapers for our family.  I didn't even understand what all the options were!  Here, I'll break it down a little....

Fitteds -- cloth diapers that require a separate cover; can also be worn without the cover if your little one has a diaper rash, or just to save a step when you're at home and changing baby often.

One-Size diapers -- diapers made to accomodate a baby through a toddler, usually 10 - 30+ lbs.; these come as fitteds or AIOs/AI2s (see below).

Prefolds -- the flat diapers most people picture in their minds when someone says they are using cloth diapers; these require a separate cover, but you no longer need to use pins (check out Snappis!).

Pocket diapers - a diaper and cover in one; stuff the cover's inner pocket with absorbant liners.

All-in-Ones - complete diaper and cover in one; one of the most convenient ways to CD.

All-in-Twos - complete diaper and cover with an inner absorbant liner that snaps in or is sewn in, which lets it separate in the dryer or when hung up.  AI2s usually dry more quickly than AIOs.

Hybrid - a reusable outer cover that can be used with cloth inners, or disposable inners that create less waste than regular disposables and are sometimes compostable.

For examples of each of these options, check out Kelly's Closet.   And to read lots of great info and stories about cloth diapering, check out The Cloth Diaper Whisperer

Happy cloth diapering!

(pictured above: Blueberry Pocket diaper with velcro/aplix closure)


MotherGoose518 said...

Hey, with prefolds you don't even need snappis... this might depend on the kind of cover you use...

Lay the prefold flat. Fold the top part of the diaper down until it's the length of the inside of the cover. Now fold it each side in until it's folded into thirds and stick it into the cover and put it on your kiddo and fasten... Voila... no pins, no snappies AND more absorption.

This is THE perfect night time diaper!!!!

MotherGoose518 said...

Oh, and your forgot contours. I adore contours!

Andy and Kiara said...

I guess my lack of experience with prefolds and contours is showing through! Sarah & Ian will be using prefolds about half the time, so they'll have to show me the ropes. :)

I'm still wondering which will be my favorites with this new babe. Our Mother-Ease diapers are now pretty much shot after being used on multiple kiddos. (Wow, they saved us a lot of money!)

In the past couple months I've purchased a handful of fitteds with covers as well as a variety of AIOs and AI2s. I'm not too interested in prefolds or contours, although I know they cost less. Hopefully I won't regret that someday!

It's just so fun to have the cute colors -- especially on little girls. Khiana is often in cute little t-shirts or dresses that show off her adorable diapers. I love it!

MotherGoose518 said...

I only like prefolds for night time diapers. I find them to be too bulky for day time, and I prefer going coverless as much as possible (for Elimination Communication purposes as well as general health of the area) which is why fitteds and contours are my go to dipes. I gave away more than half of my stash to some missionaries that visited our church and I'm leaning towards replacing at least some of the contours with NB fitteds. The Kissaluv fittes have such a wide size range, Sarah was out of her size 2 fitteds looong before she outgrew them. Ok, she still hasn't outgrown them! Fitteds are hands down my favorite.

I have some hand me down AIOs I got recently that I plan to send you if I ever find the time to strip them. Hopefully this week I will have a chance to strip them and decide which ones I want to keep and what I don't.

Annie said...

Its amazing all the cool different kinds of diapers out there. We're pretty well stocked right now...but I still find myself browsing the used diapers and dreaming of a few more cute ones! It really is a hobby/addiction ;)

...and fyi... I'm loving my new BG as much as I hoped I would. Yay!

Andy and Kiara said...

Thanks, Melodie! That would be awesome! :)

Annie, I am wondering if cloth diapering Mamas are ever 'done' buying. There are just too many cute styles out there! I'd love to see those snap BGs again. I am wondering if I need a few, too. LOL

Now I'm converting Anna-Lise to CD-ing. She tried them on Isaac once when he had a rash, and it helped a ton. Now she is hooked! She is using my small ME Sandy's diapers & covers, which we won't need for a while. I love that it's saving her money, but I might start feeling guilty if she gets as hooked as we are! ;)

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