Monday, May 31, 2010

May Kids' Quotes

Lucas & Keandre
L: "Hi baby bunny!"
K: "I not a bunny!"
L:  "No, you're a human."
K: "Mommy a grown-up.  I be a grown-up in 60 minutes."

Destany, Lucas, and Mommy
D: "What's that from?" (tiny sore on my arm, from IV at hospital)
Me: "That's where they gave me fluids after Brooklyn was born."
D: "Why did they give you fluids?!  Was that your reward?"
L: "Destany, after pushing a baby out, I think the baby is your reward."

"Mommy, why she eating your tummy?!?" (Brooklyn nursing)

Wishing he could use Mommy's inhaler....
"I need your breath!  My tummy is hurting!"  (Nice try, son.)

Mommy: "Do you need a bite to eat, to hold you over until dinner?
K: "Yes, I need something to bite!"

Mommy: "Keandre, sit here until you are ready to obey."
K: "Aaaah, that will be a looooong time!"

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