Saturday, July 3, 2010

Only for a Time (Destany's story)

We have not had such a dramatic and painful moment with Destany as we did during Lucas' birth.  Instead, we have faced little challenges along with way that have, at times, worn us very thin.  But we had a very special beginning with Destany that has brought great reassurance during challenging times. 

Destany came into our lives when she was just three days old.  We received a call from our adoption agency asking if we would like to share our profile with a young mom in the hospital.  Instantly we knew....we just KNEW that we were supposed to be available for this little one.  We could have had concerns about the situation, but instead felt only peace.  In fact, I felt immediately that she was our daughter, and I will never forget the incredible joy that coursed through me when the agency director called back a couple hours later and asked how soon we could get to the hospital.  Nichole had chosen us to parent her daughter, and just hours later we were home with our sweetie!

A couple days later, I was napping with Destany next to me in our bed.  Andy came in to wake me up, and I started to weep.  I was thinking about how we had prayed for Lucas during his whole pregnancy, and had so much support when we were expecting him.  It was heartbreaking to realize that Nichole did not have that, and I was grieving for her deeply.  And then Andy gently reminded me that WE were praying for Nichole...even though we didn't know her.  Over the next few minutes, as we talked about this, we realized that we had started the adoption process the week Destany was conceived, and had been praying for her, and her birth mother, since that time.  God, in His providence, matched us long before we ever knew it.  We may not share Destany's genes, but God made it clear long ago that He brought her to us and has a plan for her in our family. 

Oh, how we adore our little girl.  She is our daughter, through and through.  We are incredibly blessed!

God has also allowed a very meaningful long-term connection with Nichole and her two young sons.  They are such a sweet little family, and we can't imagine our lives without them in it!

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Sarah 'Bekah said...

Destany is such a beautiful, enthusiastic, wonderful girl! Remembering God's amazing providence in bringing about your prayers for her brought tears to my eyes. Beautifully written. :)

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