Tuesday, July 6, 2010

all natural gum

My kids love gum.  And I'd love to give it to them as a treat from time to time.  But it drives me crazy to see the list of ingredients on those gum packs at the grocery store!  So today I did a search for 'gum without artificial sweeteners'.  The first to catch my eye was Glee Gum.  Check it out at www.gleegum.com

When I mentioned it to the kids, they were so excited that I decided to pack up all four kiddos in the car and we trekked over to Sprouts to buy a few packs.  Yep, I was feeling pretty energetic today!  Our Sprouts had cinnamon, tangerine, and bubble gum flavor.  All were a hit with the kiddos, including Keandre, who promptly swallowed his but did better with subsequent tries.  I wasn't overly impressed, as it loses its flavor fairly quickly, but I won't be the one chewing it anyway.  As long as the kids give it a thumbs up -- which they did -- that's all we need! :) 

What do I love about this gum?  Great size, no artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners, and it's 'green' -- made from sustainably harvested rainforest chicle.  To top it all off, it will look great in a gumball machine we have laying around that is currently full of marbles.  (Yeah, I'll admit that was not the best idea we've had.  Choking hazard, anyone?)

Here is a coupon for Buy One Get One Free boxes of Glee Gum.  To purchase it locally, go to Glee Gum's home page and search for a local store using your zip code.  We had several options within a mile from our home.  

For those of you with children dealing with sensory or attachment issues, check out Cate's blog post for an idea on using gum to help your child and encourage healthy bonding.  We will be using this idea in our family on rough days, along with healthy doses of loving affection and prayer, to help close the gap between us and our sweeties' hearts.  (Destany's OT said chewing gum will help her with her sensory issues, so that is an added plus!)



Denise said...

How funny to read two blogs in a row that were both about Glee Gum! :) We do love it, although I agree with you about it losing its flavor quickly. My kids love it, though, and I like the ingredients MUCH better than the stuff in the grocery store. Thanks for the link to the coupon!

Andy & Kiara said...

How funny, Denise! Where is the other blog post?

Denise said...

Ahh, I didn't even see the last paragraph where you linked to Cate's post! :)

Our OT said the same thing about gum and sensory issues, and unfortunately she said it in front of the children, so now they constantly remind me that the therapist said that they HAVE to chew gum!! :)

Andy & Kiara said...

LOL Cate moved fast! And I added that paragraph a few minutes after I published the post, so I'm not surprised you missed it. :)

Our OT said the same thing, but thankfully D didn't hear it. She already looks forward to gum ALL WEEK LONG because we have a couple friends who give it to her at church. She is crazy excited that we're going to have gum at home now!

Katie said...
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Katie said...

Just wondering what ingredients it does contain. Xylitol gums are great in that they not only avoid contributing to tooth decay, they also prevent it.

It's a naturally occuring sugar (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xylitol).

If Glee gum contains that, I'm sold!

Andy & Kiara said...

Hey Katie,
No, they use natural cane sugar and rice syrup. But if you find a gum that only contains xylitol as it's sweetener, I'd like to look at it. :)

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