Saturday, July 31, 2010

July Kids' Quotes

Destany --
Mommy: "Keandre, you can play with that for 5 more minutes, and then it's Destany's turn."
Destany:  "Can it be 7 more seconds?"
Mommy:  "Ummm, no."  (But nice try!)
Destany:  "Okaaaay."  (with great disappointment in her voice)

Brooklyn was choking and sputtering during her early morning feeding. 
Destany's thoughts: "Maybe you didn't chew your food enough last night, and too big of pieces are coming through!"

Keandre --
"When you see a bad guy, kick him in the tummy-ache!"

Keandre: "I’m going to change my name when I’m bigger."
Mommy: "Really?  What will you change it to?"
Keandre: "God."

"Mommy, I'm a puppy.  Can you be my grown-up?"

"A mark.  Gets.  Set.  5 - 2 - Go!"

"What that thing called that keeps rain off you?  Where'd they get that?!" ( umbrella, little desert boy!)

Mommy: "What should our behavior look like while we're shopping?"
Keandre: "Don't yell...and don't spank people."

Keandre's prayer one night while we stayed at a cousin's cabin:
"Thank you for the cabin.  Thank you for our life here.  Thank you for the trash truck."  (Which came and emptied a dumpster right in front of him!)

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