Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of Preschool

The time has come for our sweet, busy boy to have a day to run, play, and be as noisy as he wants without me reminding him to play quietly while we home school.  My sister and I were blessed to find a Christian preschool that is very reasonably priced, and willing to split a Tuesday/Thursday program for two students.  Cousin Devin signed up for Tuesdays, and Keandre for Thursdays.  They both had their first days this week, and had a great time!   

Keandre picked out a Toy Story "pack pack", and if I would have let him, he'd have packed up half his bedroom to take along.  As it was, he settled for a special blanket, his water bottle, and spare shoes.  (I noticed at the last minute that his shoes were too small, but he didn't want to change.)

As much as we were looking forward to Keandre's big day, I was also a little anxious about dropping off my sweetie and trusting the teachers to understand his life-threatening food allergies and keep him safe.  I took several steps to increase the likelihood that even busy, distracted teachers would hopefully never forget his allergies. 

A great allergy bracelet.

A sign for the classroom door ensures that any teacher or adult in the room can see at a glance WHO has food allergies, what allergies, and what to do in case of a reaction.

An allergy-alert lunch bag.  I put a reminder of his allergies
in the front pocket, and I will be sending allergy-safe
snacks and lunches for him.

Matching neon green bag for his emergency medications. 
I attached a dog tag with his name, allergy info, and our
cell phone numbers.

Keandre cried a little when I dropped him off, but had a good morning after he settled in.  And of course he was doing great when I picked him up, and told me all about his day. 

I'm very thankful that Keandre's teachers were glad I was taking precautions and going out of my way to teach them how to deal with Keandre's allergies (this all makes it less stressful for them, after all), and they seem to be taking his allergies seriously. 

Keandre is proud of himself for attending preschool for the first time, and is already looking forward to next week.  That's my boy! :)


Emily B. said...

I can't believe that little boy you used to carry around in a sling is now in PRESCHOOL. Gosh time flies. Such a big boy! :)

Congrats, mama, for taking such a big step. cheers!

Emily B. said...

PS- I thought K drank coconut milk and kefir. Does that not upset his allergies? just curious ;)

Andy & Kiara said...

It's crazy, isn't it, Emily? Time really flies.

Yes, he has been drinking coconut milk and coconut kefir for a long time. AND we've been using organic, unrefined coconut oil as a skin and hair moisturizer for him (and Destany). Loved it! And then we had his most recent allergy testing (scratch-test) and discovered he is allergic to coconut! Poor guy. That was probably why we couldn't get his eczema under control. :( Coconut is not a common allergen, so we hadn't thought of that. Thankfully his coconut allergy is much milder than the other three!

Denise said...

I love his picture! SO cute! What a great idea to split the preschool days. I'd love to have Ian go to preschool one day a week so that we could do school in peace. I'd chosen a wonderful Christian preschool, where I know the teacher and know that she really gets food allergies...and she told me she was taking the year off! :(

I love Keandre's lunchbox, too! Very eye catching! :)

Roxanne said...

Great job on making sure everyone is aware of Keandre's food allergies. You're right, his teachers will really appreciate those extra steps.

Emily B. said...

I know how frustrating the "trial and error" of allergies can be (and we're only working with one allergy- lactose!).

What is Keandre drinking now? (we're always looking for different milk alternatives) and what are you using for skin/hair cream? (again- we love options and you're our go-to-girl ;)

(D's still on goat milk and he eats coconut milk yogurt. The yougurt's expensive at $2/cup but well worth the health benefits. We're only using coconut oil every so often these days. I loved it in the winter when the house is cooler because we can keep it in the bathroom with no problems. But now it just melts and I'm way too lazy to walk to the kitchen twice a day to lube my boy up! LOL!)



Sarah 'Bekah said...

What a handsome, big boy! So glad to hear he enjoyed his first day (and how perfect that he & Devin are able to split the fun!)

Cyd said...

Kiara, you continue to inspire and amaze me! I can't believe he is so big and off to preschool! Channing starts this fall also. Time flies! Keep on keeping on, girl! Hugs!

Britany said...

Oh that is so sweet to see him being such a big boy!

Hope you enjoy the break! :)

Jenny said...

Hooray for Keandre and hooray for you. I'm glad you were able to find this opportunity. Good to see your allergy stuff as I will be labeling things for lunches before I know it!

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Andy and Kiara said...

'Anonymous' - what are you studying?

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