Wednesday, August 4, 2010

what should i say?

We spent the morning at a Mocha Moms business meeting and playdate.  Arjay is visiting for a couple days, and before we left, Destany and I had the following conversation:

Kiara: "Destany, when our friends ask who Arjay is, what would you like me to say?"

Destany: "Well, you could tell them he's related to me." 

Kiara: "Great!  What other answers could we consider?"

Destany: "He's my birth brother.....or we're twins."

Kiara: "Really?  How are you twins?"

Destany: "We're the same color and we look alike.  And we both grew in Nichole's tummy!"  (A minute later...)  "Or you could just tell them he's my brother." 

We love watching Destany treasure her connections with her birth family.  It's interesting to watch how she defines these relationships the way she wants to at any given time.  I just have to remember to ask her regularly since the answers sometimes change! :)

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