Wednesday, October 27, 2010

first extensions

I've been in a bit of a rut lately.  Normally I love doing Destany's hair.  It's a creative outlet, a way to love her and spend extra time with her.  We enjoy picking movies to watch together while I care for her beautiful curls, and then we talk about the relationships and situations in the movies, which leads to awesome discussions that we might not otherwise have.  We also sing together. :)  A recent favorite has been Meet Me in St. Louis, and the songs can be heard 'round our home day and night!  And not always in tune....

But recently, I've found myself stalling when it came time to re-do a style.  I'd ignore the frizzies, more noticeable by the day, because I didn't have any inspiration for a new style.  Until one night, way too late to start a new project like this.  Suddenly I wanted to try out yarn extensions.  (Check out Cate's blog here to see a couple Youtube videos and detailed instructions on how to do these.)  We popped in a movie, and I twisted away.  And twisted, and twisted, and twisted.  Three hours later -- partly because of the small sections, and partly because of my poor technique -- her new yarn extensions were in.  Success! 

I made the extensions only about an inch longer than her own hair.  The result is a head of beautiful two-stranded twists that look fuller and longer than usual, but still very natural for a six-year-old.

Destany prefers them down, so she can endlessly flip them over her shoulder and feel all grown up.  I prefer them pulled into a ponytail, with a couple hanging out.  I think it looks young and sporty, yet still cared for and beautiful.  We have been compromising, with a little of each. :)


Britany said...

I love them!!!

I hear you on the hair stalling... I think I am the queen of ignoring hair fuzzies! :)

Sarah 'Bekah said...

Gorgeous girl! And good work, Mama!

Sean's Ladies said...

so cute!! great job

Andy and Kiara said...

Thanks, ladies! I wasn't happy with the parts I did, and they fuzzed up pretty quickly with her hair texture, so I took them out after about a week.

Cate, I would love to see how you do these. I bet there is a quicker and tighter way. I just couldn't quite get it! I am so visual that I think I need to see it up close. :)

Curly Hairdo Ideas said...


I have to say I'm the opposite tho - there have been many a time I have taken out a style before I would have had too because I couldn't wait to try something new! lol!

Or the day my 4yo combed and spritzed my 2yo curly's hair so much it was practically straight! It was cute for about 30 min before I missed the curls so much I couldn't take it anymore and had to wash it! Bring Back the CURLS!! :D

Good luck with your adoption - I'm a new follower!

~ Karli

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