Saturday, October 16, 2010

For Sale.....LOTS of cloth diapers!

We just listed TONS of cloth diapers on Craigslist.  After a lot of trial and error, we finally decided on our fav cloth diapers for Brooklyn.  And we're sure about it.  Really.  (I mean it this time.)

We were happy with the Mother-Ease cloth diapering system (small Sandy's, then One-Size diapers, w/ snap Air Flow covers) for our other children.  Unlike disposable diapers (admit it -- we all know it!) they were virtually leak proof.  Sooo helpful for breastfed babies, sick babies, and for those times when you forget that your child might need changed more than once in a blue moon.   

But this time around, I wanted to try out some other, cuter, varieties.  I went a little crazy while on bed rest.  I bought a little of everything, mostly on Diaperswappers.  And now that we've tried them out and picked our favorites, it's time to tell them goodbye.  Let me know if you want any!  If the post is from Oct. 14 or 15, is in Central Phoenix, and the pictures are taken on top of a blue sheet, they are ours. :)

Brooklyn wearing a Bum Genius 4.0 Pocket diaper and Bum Genius Organic AIO diaper.  We love that the outsides are the same -- same exact fit -- but the insides are different.  We use pockets overnight, so we can stuff them with as much absorbency as needed.  In the daytime, an All-In-One is perfect, or a Goodmama fitted diaper w/o a cover works well, too.  (Not pictured.) 


hiswife518 said...

How much do you want for your BSWW froggy print covers?

And what is your new favorite diaper???!!!

Andy and Kiara said...

LOL Didn't mean to leave you hanging! We are loving Bum Genius 4.0 Pockets, BG Elemental Organic AIOs, and for fitteds for around the house (no cover), we are enjoying a few cute, girly Goodmamas. Snaps only for all of them.

I think I listed the BSWWs for $9 each. I purchased them brand new, used them once or twice, then decided velcro/aplix is not for us. My loss is your gain! Let me know if you think that is too much. :)

Roxanne Anderson said...

Bum Genius is my sister's favorite too.

At the moment she's struggling with a 2yr old who prefers the Elmo disposables which followed them home from the grandparents.

Emily B. said...

holy cow! I've always heard that bed rest can be hard on the pocketbook! LOL!

PS- I'm surprised to hear that you like the AIOs. I've always found that they're too puffy and high profile. I prefer being able to choose my absorbency (a little during the day, a lot at night).

Andy and Kiara said...

Roxanne -- That is unfortunate. Two-year-olds can be quite opinionated. Or so I hear. ;)

Andy and Kiara said...

Emily -- I know! LOL Don't worry -- we had some of those before the bed rest. And some I purchased for my sister (at her request), but they didn't work out for her, so we're reselling.

I haven't really seen a difference in bulkiness/trimness between the BG Pocket and BG AIO. Very similar in fit! But I'm a girl who fell in love with AIOs and only later became open to pockets. We only use pockets at night, and mostly AIOs during the daytime. My sister and one sister-in-law use BG also. One is using AIOs, and the other uses the pockets. We're all anti-velcro/aplix, though, so at least we agree on that! ;) I know it makes for a great fit, but we are all bothered by how noisy it is.

You use only BG pockets, right?

hiswife518 said...

I agree with you about Velcro, especially once they start sitting up and discover how fun it is to pull velcro apart! But I seriously LOVE the froggy BSWW pattern! I really wish they made the Super Snap in that print!

Emily B. said...

Yup- I'm with you on the snaps though. I started CDing before snaps were big so we originally had BC 3.0 pockets. And all my velcro went out within 4 months. Bah humbug

Then I switched to a few FBunz pockets (larges which are really too big but they were about 5 bucks less than the mediums since I got last year's colors).

And most recently I found the BG FLIP diap covers and i LOVE them. I hope to review them on my blog soon... there are so many great things to say about them!
PS- I bought them as "seconds" on the cottonbabies website-- totally brand new but there's something minor wrong with them them. So I was able to get them for $9 instead of $16 each. yippee! (I can't even find the problem on half and the other half have one stich missing in the Microfiber. give me a break. I wouldn't have even noticed unless I really looked for it) :)

bean said...

Okay, I think I found you through Cate. But now I see you are a DS'r too? Do you mind giving your username? I'm hobbsandbean over there. Hi! Love the cloth pictures. :)

Andy and Kiara said...

Hi bean! Yes, I'm on Diaperswappers, and my user name is just my name -- Kiara. (Keepin' it easy. ;)

Nice to meet you! :)

bean said...

How fun to meet you here and there! Three cheers for the internet! :)

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