Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hair snaps for sale!

                                        'Just Basic' Heart Snaps

Update: Everything has sold!  Thanks for all your support.   I feel so encouraged today. :)

These hair snaps were a special part of my early days of doing hair.  I found them through an adoption hair care group, and over time I invested in quite a collection!  We use them at the ends of braids and twists.  They look great on their own, and we also use them to add beads.  They are much easier and quicker to use than the other methods of adding beads!

With almost two years of unemployment under our belts, we have decided to sell anything we have around the house that is no longer needed.  I am hoping to sell about half of my hair snap collection.  I hope you enjoy these as much as we did! :)

Flower Snaps
Set A:  38 snaps (10 purple, green, & pink; 8 teal)  $3.50
Set B:  38 snaps (10 purple, green, & pink; 8 teal)  $3.50
Set C:  38 snaps (10 purple, green, & pink; 8 teal)  $3.50
Set D:  38 snaps (10 purple, green, & pink; 8 teal)  $3.50
Set E:  30 snaps (10 purple, 11 green, 9 pink)        $2.75

Bold Ladybugs
Set A:  30 ladybugs (5 of each color)  $3.00
Set B:  25 ladybugs (5 of each color; no red)  $2.50

Set A:  30 dragonflies (5 of each color)  $3.00
Set B:  30 dragonflies (5 of each color)  $3.00

'Just Basic' Heart Snaps (for small twists or braids)
Set A:  35 heart snaps (5 of each color)  $3.50
Set B:  30 heart snaps (5 of each color; no blue)  $3.00

Tiny Flower Snaps (for small braids/twists) 
Set A:  60 snaps (15 of each: purple, green, blue, black) $4.00
Set B:  60 snaps (15 of each: purple, green, blue, black) $4.00
Set C: 35 snaps (black only)  $2.50
Set D: 35 snaps (black only)  $2.50

The Fine Print:
As with all products produced in bulk, these are not perfect. A few may be missing the little jewel or have crooked paint or faded dots, although I tried to sort those out.  Occasionally I have run across a snap that doesn't close correctly (I toss those). Many of these are brand new, so I am assuming they will work right.

Price is approx. 8 - 12 cents per snap, depending on size.
Please add $1.50 for shipping for the first two sets, and $.50 per set after that.

You can pay me by Paypal ( or cash/check if you are local. If paying by Paypal, please note exactly which snaps you are purchasing, and I will update the blog often. (First come, first served, according to when emails arrive. :)

gorgeous free hair
(lest you think I always did those fancy styles! :)

These snaps are so versatile!  They are even great to have around for big brothers who feel left out during hair time. :)

Thanks for looking! 


Nadia said...

I still have cards and cards of brand new just basic snaps..I can't part with them LOL. I remember the surge in them when we all found out they were being discontinued! sad sad day :)

Emily B. said...

Little-bitty Destany! too precious! :)

Annie said...

Seriously - she is sooo precious in those pictures! Lucas too! :)
and I definitely want some goodies. Gah! have to decide quickly!

and great job with the post! the pics turned out fabulously - such lovely colors and lighting.

Amanda said...

I know they sold but WHERE do I find the bold ladybugs? I have searched everywhere!

Andy and Kiara said...

Thanks for your sweet comments, friends! :)

Amanda - A group of us bought them from a wholesaler a few years ago, and I don't remember the name of the company anymore. Sorry! If you're not already in the AdoptionHairCare Yahoo group, I'd recommend joining, and you can ask the ladies there if anyone has some they're done with. :)

LisaLegner said...

I LOVE the lady bug snaps. I know this is an old post, but could you direct me where you ordered yours from? You can email me at

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