Friday, January 7, 2011

Glory to God!


I love the Livesay family.  Okay, so I don't actually know them personally, and maybe I'm using that word a little loosely, but....  We follow their blog, and I absolutely love the way their family is so REAL.  Troy and Tara have seven children.  They regularly share the ins and outs of serving and loving the beautiful people of Haiti through Heartline Ministries and WorldWide Village.  They speak openly about what it means to serve God in the hard places, and share His grace and hope with those living in desperate poverty.  And there is no pretense -- along with the adventures and the joy, they are real about the struggles and doubts that we all face in our journeys to live for God and bring glory to Him in imperfect world.  Oh, and did I mention that their little ones fight?  Ah, yes.  Real.

Our children have friends who were adopted from Haiti.  Sometimes I share the Livesay's blog posts with our kiddos.  We talk about the realities of life in Haiti, and pray about the situations shared.  Sometimes a post is hilarious, and we all crack up together.  Like this year's Christmas video:

Other posts, like last year's Christmas video, spark meaningful conversations. 

Our sweet girl has the whole song (a Troy original) memorized. It is precious listening to her sing her heart out in unison with Hope, the Livesay's middle daughter.

She listens to it over, and over, and over, and.....  It's okay.  I think I could listen to it a hundred more times before I'm tired of it.  That should be at least 3 days from now, right?

ps - Troy and Tara are supported by donors.  Check out their blog if you're interested in getting involved.

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