Monday, January 10, 2011

Caption Contest & Blog Giveaway

picture #1
picture #2
picture #3

These pictures were too good to keep to ourselves.  But I need your help! 

Caption Contest: Leave your best captions to these pictures in the comments.  (Make sure to specify which picture, and sign it or choose Name/URL if you want credit for your captions!) 

Blog Giveaway: If we choose your caption for a picture, you can choose a free tub of body butter from this page.  If you don't live nearby, I will mail it to you! :)

Captions will be chosen on Thursday night, and we will re-post on Friday morning as a Funny Friday post.  (By the way, isn't our little guy just too cute? ;) 


Megan said...

What a cutie! How about,

"Famed Rap artist reported missing from studio. Found safely- doing chores in the backyard."

Emily B. said...

Pic 3- "what? you lookin' at me? don't be intimidated by all of this coolness" LOL! cute!

PS-- we LOVE the body butter. Peppermint= yum!!! (please tell me if you ever decide to stop selling it so I can buy tons and stock up! I can't imagine not using it now. It's amazing!) :)

Jamie said...

1- Stand back evil do-ers, I have a broom and I know how to use it!

Granny said...

1. "This works best if your shoes are on the wrong feet."

2. "Don't do this without hearing protection."

3. "Do you know any sign language?"

Anonymous said...

Caption #1
Jedi groundskeeper in training

Caption #2
On a mission

Caption #3
Hear no evil, see no evil, have no balance :)

Daddy (Andy) said...

#3 - "Hey Babe. Wanna ride on my trike?"

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