Saturday, January 29, 2011

cake for Keandre

It's challenging to have a child with food allergies. 

I think it's even harder to be the child living with those food allergies. 

How do you wrap your little mind around the fact that if you eat just one bite of egg, or one almond, you could die?  Or that if there is hidden dairy in your food, you will soon throw up your whole meal and get hives all over? 

Keandre is so brave about it.  He even insists that we regularly 'test' him by offering him foods he is allergic to when we serve them to others, and then he grins and says, "I can't have cheese, Mama.  I'm ALLERGIC!"  I sometimes wonder if that is his way of not feeling as left out. 

But sometimes he does feel left out.  It's inevitable.  And his fav fruit suckers from Trader Joe's don't fill the void as easily as they used to.  (If you shop at TJs, check them out....yummy, colorful, organic, and dye-free!)

Recently my mom pulled out some allergy-safe (or as we say, "Keandre-safe") chocolate cake.  She had made it for Keandre to eat during a family birthday party and then frozen the rest for 'next time'.  She understands what a treat this is for him!  We brought it home, and for two days, he ate as much cake as he wanted, until it was all gone.  It was so fun to watch him enjoy it. 

"Thank you, Granny!"
love, Keandre

For a copy of our favorite dairy/egg/nut-free chocolate cake recipe, click here.  We definitely recommend this cookbook!


Jamie said...

That has to be hard for him. We recently all went wheat, gluten, dairy (all forms, even caisen) and peanut free because of Conner's allergies. Thankfully he is only testing as 'sensitivities' right now, so his reactions are more rashes, upset tummy, muscle aches, etc.... Even that is tough. I cannot imagine how hard it is when it's not just a sensitivity and could lead to death. It sounds like he has a great attitude about it all.

Off topic, but your body butter is great! I love it. I just noticed how far you are on your adoption fund.... wow!!!

Andy and Kiara said...

Hi Jamie. It's scary, but somehow you get used to it. Mostly. ;)

I'm glad you're enjoying the body butter! I noticed Brooklyn's hair is wearing away a bit at the back, so I've been rubbing a little body butter there, like you mentioned you'd be doing with Madi. I think it's helping! That area seems less dry, and hopefully less prone to breakage now. Thanks for the idea!

And yes -- we are so excited to see the adoption fund growing. Next we need to decide what agency we're going with and set our next goal. Can't wait!

The Kinkel Family said...

I think Granny and Bobbie are co-conspirators with their little grandboys with food issues! My mama does the same thing for Gregory - she makes cupcakes and freezes them - so that he never feels left out. Such awesome grandmas...

Jenny said...

Always encouraging to see others in a similar situation to us. I almost always keep a stash of cupcakes for Elliot in the freezer so we can have them whenever needed for celebrations.

As much as it pains me to see him (and Keandre) miss out, I am encouraged by how God is using Elliot's limitations to develop a content spirit. I pray the same for you.

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