Sunday, April 3, 2011

good times

Itty bitty Destany, back when I was first learning to care for her beautiful curls. :)

I wish I could remember how I ran across the Adoption Hair & Skincare Yahoo group.  Especially since it has brought some pretty amazing people our way!  I joined when Destany was a few months old, and most of what I've learned about natural haircare, I learned from those amazing ladies. 

Shortly after joining this group of 2,000+ adoptive families, I met Cate, then Brit and Elise.  Brit and Cate and their families are special parts of our lives.  And Elise and her girls are now family.  (Are we blessed, or what?!)

A few weeks ago, Brooklyn and I flew out and brought Claire & Kyndra here to visit.  Then Elise came and joined us for the last couple of days.

Brooklyn's first flight!

Claire & Andy went on a Niece/Uncle date to Mojo's.

Cuddly pajama girls.

There were many tea parties!

When Elise came, she prepped a bazillion veggies for me to cook.  We'd just received our CSA produce, and I was a bit overwhelmed!

The obligatory 'nice' picture.
How they really look.
The picture *they* prefer to take.
The Mamas....just because. :)

Auntie & Uncle. The girls love saying it, and we love hearing it. And don't try to tell the kids they aren't 'real' cousins. They won't believe you. :)


Britany said...

Love this post and the picture of the 2 Mamas!!!

Elise said...

I like the picture of me with the veggies. I look like a whole foods chef. :)


Rachel said...

Look at all those sweet kiddos! Love all those veggies, too!

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