Wednesday, May 25, 2011

another quick update


Apparently we've started a new tradition -- taking pics with the rabbit at the hospital whenever we stop in.  Kinda fun!  I like the silhouettes, so I'm quite happy to oblige. :)

And now for the update....  (Did I actually write that I won't be posting about this for a while?!  Ha!  Wishful thinking.)  On Thursday, we started Keandre on Prevacid, and quit the Zantac.  Within 4 days, he was starting to feel better.  It is so wonderful to see him relax sometimes and just be a kid.  The doctors think he has probably been in pain most of his life (sadly, we agree), so it's like a new side of him is emerging as he starts to heal. 

The Prevacid did not help him in the past, so hopefully this means we are on the right track and have removed foods that are triggers for his EGID.  (Now we just need to wonder which foods, and are there more to remove???)

We also have to decide if we'll avoid the 15 new allergens that showed up on the skin prick test (SPT) right after his diagnosis, or just the Top 8.  The SPT can have a lot of false positives.  And if we remove too many foods, and change too many variables, it will be next to impossible to know which change(s) helped him heal. 

If you are interested in learning more about the world of EGIDs, check out my friend Jenny's blog.  Her post on choosing a treatment approach is here, and allergy triggers here.  God has blessed her with a way with words, so I won't even bother trying to say what she has already explained perfectly. :) 

Tomorrow night Jenny and I are attending a support group for parents of children with this disease.  I'm excited to meet other AZ Mamas who are walking this journey also!


Rachel said...

So glad the prevacid is helping! And that you have a great support in Jenny and in the group - as always, we're praying for Keandre!

Nichole said...

oh my..hooray for getting to just be a kid! what great news! and you have a support group in your area? JEALOUS! :)

Andy and Kiara said...

Thanks, Rachel! :)

Nichole - Yes, there is a local group for families dealing with Eosinophilic diseases, and I'm so thankful! I left the meeting feeling so encouraged to see other families walking this journey and making the best of it. It will be a blessing to know other local kiddos, too, when Keandre wants to make those connections.

Any chance there are local families in your area? Maybe you should start a local FB and Yahoo group and see if you can find some. It would be so worth it! :)

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