Sunday, May 29, 2011

lots o' bunnies

It has been weeks since we posted and asked for your help in naming our rabbits.  As it turns out, if you submitted name ideas, this is actually in your favor.  Instead of 3 names, we ended up needing nine!  Finally, after much discussion, they have all been named.  Our kids are excited to send a little 'prize' in the mail for the winners of the name contest.  (See bottom of this post.) 

Now for the list of bunnies.  These sweeties are looking for new homes!

Our biggest rabbit, who seems to have identity issues, was dubbed el Pollo Loco/Crazy Chicken. 
Update: CC has found a new home with Anna-Lise & Isaac.  He probably misses his lady friends, but he'll get over it (we hope).  Isaac LOVES him, so at least he'll get lots of attention!

Update: Hop (or Hop-Pop) is 'visiting' Kim & Brian.  He may have found a new home.  It sounds like he is Evie's new playmate!  She calls him Buddy. :)
Flopsy, busy Mama that she is, will be looking for a new home after she weans her last litter.  (Which is hopefully the newest babies, born just a couple days ago.) 
We'll be keeping two of her babies.

Daisy and Coconut, also known as 'the twins'.  (How weird is that -- I actually caught them doing the exact same thing!)

Carrot is very cuddly and is a favorite around here.

Velvet has very unusual coloring -- fur the same color as Brooklyn's hair! (Plus some random grey markings. I think it's kinda endearing. :)

Sweet little Mocha. AKA Mocha-Lotta-Bunny.

Bun-bun also has really random markings and is a sweetie!

And here are the 7 new babes.  They were born on May 25, exactly one month after the above bunnies (born April 25).  They're a little scrawny, but hopefully they'll do okay. 

If you are on Facebook, you may have noticed that we are having trouble limiting the number of bunnies that keep coming our way.  It's rather embarrassing, actually.  I assure you that we do know how this happens. ;)  When we bought our rabbits, they were supposed to be female.  And we didn't know a Mama could get pregnant just hours after giving birth!  So we may end up with 3 litters in 3 months.  (oops.)

That means we have LOTS of bunnies needing new homes.  Would you like one?  Pretty please?  

If you don't know much about rabbits, check out this site.  Rabbits make wonderful house pets (easily litter-box trained), are quite social, don't bark or meow, and they are just plain fun to have arround.  Ours free-range in the back yard.  We wet down an area of dirt every day, and they dig into it and find a cool spot to lay.  They are pretty tame, and even hop up to us when we go out back. 

Did I mention that we haven't had to mow the backyard grass since last Fall? :)


Congratulations to: Heather & Cooper, Dee, Samuel, Denise, Annie, Daddy/Andy, Sandy & Mark.  Thanks to everyone for all your great name ideas!  


Annie said...

What adorable photos! Love that each rabbit is a little cooky and precious in it's own unique way... kind of reminds me of a family I know ;) hehe
Can't wait to see what the kids came up with for prizes!

Jamie said...

They are so darn cute! I seriously want one. I'm trying to work over DH ;)

AdoptionMom said...

HUGE grin here, people keep giving us more baby chicks! lol. We are up to 21 now, dh says we should name our farm BlackJack Farms (21).
Those bunnies are so cute!! The babies are so tiny. WOW!

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