Saturday, May 7, 2011

one hour


That's all it took for me to settle in and feel downright giddy at the thought of being 'alone' for the next 2 days (Brooklyn is with me since she's still nursing).  In fact, despite the fact that I didn't arrive at my little retreat until 10:30pm, and am in a perpetual state of fatigue these days, I was up until 1am.

It's just so peaceful here.  I couldn't help it! :)

I love these rare times when I can steal away and relax, think, pray, and seek God.  He is so gracious to show up and provide rest, refreshment, and new perspective.  I am still learning how to effectively balance life as a family of six, and I really want to slow down the pace of life a bit. But how can I do that when I barely have time to think?

This time away is probably the best Mother's Day treat ever.  Thank you SO much, Cathy, for the use of your beautiful home!  It is a treasured friend who not only knows my need for time away, but then gently insists that I take the opportunity when I can.  What would I do without you?!?

Thank you also to my sweet husband, who has the older three children with him.  He isn't just keeping them alive while I'm away -- he is doing all sorts of fun activities with them!  (Are you sure they miss me, hon? ;)

Now that I'm recovering from the craziness a bit, I am off to take my sweet baby out to dinner, then indulging in a little 'just for me' shopping!  Happy Mother's Day, my friends and family.  And for those who are still waiting to become parents, you are on my heart today.  Don't give up! :)

So, if you had a couple days to yourself for an in-town retreat, what would you do to rest, recover, and have a little fun?


Katie said...

I would read a book. Alone. No distractions. I'd order take out - no mess, no prep. I'd nap. Listen to music, a movie and maybe sew (If I'd had it together enough to bring my stuff). Enjoy your time!!

Megan said...

Oh. My. Word. That is the best mother's day gift ever. I'm so excited about your time away that I could just kiss your husband and your friend for making it possible! Hope your time alone is everything you need it to be! Happy mother's day!

Mom (CA) said...

What a special friend you have in Cathy!
The best I could do was retreat to my bathroom in tears.

Last Mom said...

What an awesome gift!!! ENJOY IT!

Andy and Kiara said...

Thanks, friends!

And yes, Mom...been there, done that. And I believe bathrooms should be a personal retreat only as a last resort. ;)

Jenny said...

So glad you had this chance! Did you delete your last post?

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