Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Birthmother's Day!


Nichole and I surprised Destany with a visit today.

Destany gets to choose when she feels ready for a visit these days, and she had asked if we could celebrate Birthmother's Day again, like we did a couple years ago.  I said maybe.  I stalled.  I said hopefully sometime soon.  And secretly....I planned.

Standing in the line at Starbucks (Nichole and I needed a little treat!), I told her who the second coffee was for.  She squealed.  She jumped up and down.  She was absolutely glowing!  Everyone stared.  I thought of how God delights in giving gifts to us, His children, and how fun it was to give the gift of this visit to my precious daughter! :)

I'm so thankful our sweetie knows how loved she ALL of her family.  Her birth grandma even sent her a gift when she sent one for Arjay and Dedrick, Nichole's sweeties.  What a special surprise!

Adoption is bittersweet.  It is a wonderful way to grow a family and provide a home for a child, but it is based on deep loss.  Today is a day that we can honor the connection and say thank you for the blessing of our children.

(See the link above to read a bit of history about this day, designated by moms who placed an infant child for adoption at birth.)
Do you recognize Birthmother's Day in your home?  How do you honor your child's birthmother on this day?  If you do not know your child's birthmother, how do you keep her presence alive in your family at special times like this?  

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