Wednesday, February 16, 2011

one of these things (is not like the other)


We have a confused bunny.  A very confused bunny. 

You see, he thinks he's a chicken

He eats with them.  He plays with them. 

He tries to sleep with them.

He also tries to mate with them.
(Pictures not included.  This is a family blog, after all. ;)

Unfortunately, while (ehem) hopping up on their backs, he has badly injured two of them, to the degree where they needed some serious TLC to recuperate.  Inside.  I was thrilled.  (I mean, who wouldn't want a full grown chicken in the house?  That's all just part of the fun, right?)

So now they are in a chicken run, and he is not allowed to socialize with them. 

He is sad.  And a bit lonely.  It's quite upsetting when we feed the chickens but do not share the food with him.  He stands up against the coop and longs for his favorite food and company. 

I think we may need an intervention. 

We are hoping that a girlfriend may help.


For your viewing pleasure....  A blast from the past.


The Kinkel Family said...

Oh my land, this is hilarious! Poor little guy :(

The Kinkel Family said...
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Aisha said...

Hahahahahaha! Poor guy!

Beware of providing him female companionship (unless you fix one of them first). My sister and I started with two sweet, baby bunnies that were supposedly both female and then very quickly wound up with a population of 21...

Susie said...

Embracing diversity is a family virtue. Even among your pets. :) Great story! I love and miss you and your beautiful family!

Jamie said...

Oh my goodness thsi made me laugh SO hard! Get that guy a girlfriend already ;)

Annie said...

Thanks for the message, Lucas!
Too Funny! I'm proud of those chickens for accepting him as one of their own, and letting him embrace his inner chicken. hehe
His new girlfriend had better be one Special Chick!

Denise said...

What great pictures! He really does look pathetic in the last picture. I remember your injured chicken but didn't realize just how she'd gotten hurt! I hope you can find a (fixed) girlfriend for your bunny soon. :)

Andy and Kiara said...

Yes, it's quite sad, isn't it?! Stay tuned tomorrow. We're making an announcement. :)

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