Friday, February 25, 2011

Bobby Blue


We are not the only ones with a confused pet.  Grandma has one, too!  Bobbly Blue likes to go walking in the afternoons with Grandma and her dog, Molly.

Apparently Bobby Blue developed this strange behavior after he was locked in Uncle Jesse's barn for three days.  (Grandma finally heard him meowing.)

Grandma said, "When I walk down our road to the end of the avocados, he goes with us. But if I go up the road, all the way to Stan and Boecky's gate, he waits for us near the top of the driveway and pops out of the bushes when we come by."

Anyone else have confused pet stories?

1 comment:

Sandy said...

We have a cat that enjoys playing fetch from time to time. We throw a miniature tennis ball for her, which she runs and picks up in her mouth and brings back to us so we can do it all over and over. We have another cat that that sits and waits for us at the door like a dog. Tootles, Sandy

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