Saturday, February 5, 2011

Free to Good Home


Yep, you read that right!  One beautiful rooster, needing a new home. 

We bought Cricket when we picked out our little ladies (who, incidentally, will be laying for us in the near future).  He was in the 'assorted roosters' box, and was so cheap cute that Lucas talked us into it.  From the beginning, we agreed that when he found his voice, it would be time for him to move on. 

Now the time has come, and we're a little sad to see him go.  Lucas hopes he will end up somewhere in Phoenix so he can visit him!  (You can read Lucas' blog post about Cricket here.)

Update 2/12 -- Thanks to Craigslist, Cricket has found a new home!  We think he will be very happy with his new digs.  He is free ranging, and has two pretty hens waiting for him when he returns from exploring his HUGE yard.  He has it pretty good.  Happy crowing! 

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