Monday, February 14, 2011

Truly Pure & Natural

After reading my recent post about Truly Pure & Natural, a few of my lovely readers have expressed an interest in ordering their products.  I thought it might help if I share a few of my favorite products (so far).

One of our favorite products is Tate's The Natural Miracle Shampoo.  Created with organic, all-natural ingredients (no chemicals, preservatives, fillers, etc.), and PH balanced, it is meant to be a multi-use product.  It not only smells great, but it also lathers wonderfully!  Andy and I both love it as a body wash and face wash.  I have struggled with acne pretty much my whole life, and since purchasing this about 6 months ago, it has not been an issue!  Apparently it is the perfect product for my skin.  :) 

Although there is a regular conditioner to pair with the above shampoo, I ended up prefering this conditioning shampoo, which is also nice because I can skip a step and avoid shampooing and conditioning separately.  I had to get used to the fact that it doesn't lather well, probably because of the conditioner in it, but it cleans my hair great, and leaves it manageable and easy to comb.  I also use it as face wash sometimes.  It's not my favorite as a body wash simply because it doesn't lather much, but it still gets the job done.

Although a little pricey, we are completely hooked on Tate's The Natural Miracle toothpaste.  It is the best tasting natural toothpaste I have ever used, and I assure you, I have tried quite a few.  You will not be disappointed with this pick.  A little goes a long way.

Truly Pure & Natural also carries hand-made and cut bars of soap.  I tried out the Lemongrass scent, and it is wonderful!  Our whole bathroom smells great, and our hands are lightly scented, too.  (Andy is reading over my shoulder, and he says he loves this soap!)

The 'Soap for Teeth' is the one product I have not been happy with at all.  I read some good reviews somewhere, and thought it might be a money saver if we like it.  I'll suffice it to say that I'm not a fan of soap in my mouth, and this is soap...for my mouth.  Not a sensation or taste I prefer. ;)  If you'd like to give it a try, I'm happy to pass it along to you.  Maybe you'll like it better than me.  I hate for it to go to waste. 

And of course I recommend the Lifefactory glass water bottles.  Read more about our favorite water bottles here.  And don't forget to spread the word about our raffle fundraiser and get a free raffle ticket here.  Last day is Thursday, 2/17!

Just a quick reminder....  If you buy from Truly Pure & Natural, you not only support a lovely adoptive family, but you also support our adoption fund!  Nick & Denise have pledged 15% of all sales through my blog post links or the button on our side bar to our adoption fund. :)


Jamie said...

Love your picks! I'm going to ask david to get me a water bottle for my b-day :). I tried a tooth soap too and once I found out it actually tasted like soap, I never used it again... bleh!! I do like to make my own tooth powder, though :).

Denise said...

Thanks so much for the review, Kiara! After reading it, I wonder if the conditioning shampoo lathers differently in different types of water. I haven't used regular commercial shampoos in years, so I can't really compare it to them, but mine lathers quite a bit. We have really soft water and I wonder if that makes a difference.

As you know, I agree with you about the Soap for Teeth. :) We have some people who request it, so we keep it in stock, but, personally, I'll stick with the Tate's toothpaste!

Andy and Kiara said...

Excellant point, Denise! Phoenix water is hard. I'm guessing that would definitely make a difference!

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