Tuesday, March 30, 2010

12 Things That Make Destany Happy

1.  hot cheetos & cheese puffs
2.  ice cream
3.  my friends
4.  when Mommy kisses me goodnight
5.  the birds chirping and singing outside
6.  tickling
7.  Mommy laughing
8.  when Keandre sings
9.  my dolly, Abby Cadabby ("I like her more than tv.")
10.  playing soccer with Daddy
11.  "Baby girls -- and it makes me very happy that we'll have 3 boys and 3 girls."
12.  "Nichole & Arjay & Dedrick -- that I get to see them." (her birth family)

(Yes, this girl is all about her food, friends, and play. :)


Anonymous said...

So precious!!!!!!

Annie said...

Aw - I love Destany. and this Abby Cadabby must be a pretty special girl to be even more special than tv!!

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