Friday, March 26, 2010

a little excitement in our day (updated)

I woke up feeling better about things, and determined to relax and just go with the flow, whether my bedrest continues here in the hospital, or at home.  A while later, my blood pressure tanked.  It was pretty random.  One minute I was feeling pretty normal, the next I almost passed out.  The nurses were pretty concerned, and in exchange for adding a little excitement to their morning, I was given an IV and bloodwork.  (And to think they were thinking of sending me home today! ;)  So far they haven't found a cause for what happened, but we're skipping the next dose of nifedipine, just in case. 

Once things were stable again I went down for the AFI (amniotic fluid index).  Unfortunately it has dropped again.  Despite drinking a ton and daily hydrotherapy.  We don't know yet what the next step will be, but I'll update here once we know more.  The important part is that baby still looks great. 

Andy was able to come and visit for a while, so we've been kicking back together and will share some lunch in a bit.  I sure love my hubby. :)


Late Fri. pm update:
~Still off the meds that were being used to control contractions.  Contracting more than before, but nothing I'm worried about yet.
~Blood pressure is stabilized; occasional fluttering/heart murmur, but getting better.
~Amniotic fluid levels still down, so they have a perinatologist coming in for a consult tomorrow.
~I was moved out of L & D on Wednesday (good news, since it means they were no longer worried I was about to deliver ;).  New room was MUCH smaller, but nice enough.  Well, tonight my nurse moved me into a beautiful room, just next door!  What a treat.  This will make it much easier for my sweet kiddos to come for visits. :)


Annie said...

yikes, sis. sounds like another roller coaster today. I hope all the ups and downs aren't too hard on your stomach.
I miss seeing you and relaxing with you amongst the chaos at your house. lets do that again soon -- how about in another month? after baby girl is born perfectly healthy and strong! ...Just like I'm praying she'll be. oh, and I want to come see you again soon. and bring you that plant to brighten up your room. hugs!

Elise said...

This roller coaster ride just goes on an one. Hope the days is continuing on with less excitement. I'm glad they're taking good care of you.


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