Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mama Vacation

Andy and I sat in OB Triage after our follow-up appointment, chatting about how great baby girl looked on the ultrasound, and how strong her little heartbeat is.  We thought things were looking up!  Until we received some unexpected news.  I'd been awarded a personalized Mama Vacation..... 

Soon after, our friend Laura arrived with a wheelchair to whisk me away to my new home-away-from-home.  I was greeted by a large, sunny room, comfy bed, resort-like restroom, and round-the-clock care at the touch of a button.  Expecting to be at home for dinner, and starting to get hungry, I was offered a gourmet fruit salad, followed soon after by a delicious dinner of chicken, steamed veggies, and yummy bread pudding.  I was also informed that after dinner (and 2 x daily thereafter) that I would be relaxing uninterrupted in a warm tub of water for a blissful hour. 

As my occasional tears dried, and the situation sank in, I realized that in many ways I felt rather matter-of-fact about the change in events.  (I was mostly sad to leave Andy and our kiddos.)  The night before, I'd been contracting so much that I slept very little, and then only fitfully.  There had been times over the weekend that I was in so much pain I knew I would not be able to tell if I was in true labor.  I had sensed things were getting a little more intense, and became thankful that my doctor is taking my symptoms seriously rather than reminding me to just 'take it easy'. 

As I laid here, resting and taking it all in, I realized that I have a unique opportunity during my time here.  Sure, it's hard to be away from my family.  And a little stressful.  We don't know if I'll be here a few days or for weeks.  But in the relative peace of my new home-away-from home I will have the time to read, reflect, and pray that every Mama craves at this stage in life.  I am determined to use this time wisely.  Life will change when our Sweetie arrives, and here I can begin to prepare.


ps - Lest you think I am superwoman, with an amazing attitude and great courage, please note that I am still quite human and may post more about bedrest in the days to come.  And unlike this post, the next one may not be titled, "10 Reasons Bedrest is Great". :)


AZMom said...

I have been out of it obviously..I had NO idea you were pg!! Wow. Congrats!

I hope baby stays put as long as she needs to and you continue to get the care you need at the hospital.

If I can do anything, please let me know.


MotherGoose518 said...

Ah, hydro therapy... The silver lining in the cloud that is hospitalized bed rest! I had it with Emelia, but not Sarah (so far Emelia is my only growth restricted /oligohydramnios baby). It. Was. Bliss. The rest of it sucked, but the hydrotherapy was lovely!

Roxanne Anderson said...

No, you're not superwoman, but the grace with which you handle every hurdle shows that your hope truly does rest in Christ. Keep fighting the good fight. My prayers are with you, baby girl, and your family.



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