Thursday, April 22, 2010

Newborn Cloth Diapers

Are these not the cutest little diapers?!  My latest hobby has been purchasing a variety of newborn cloth diapers from Diaperswappers.  We didn't start CD-ing our other kiddos until they were a few months old and the one-size diapers would fit them better.  This time around we'd like to start from day one. 

These diapers are mostly All-in-One (AIO) diapers.  Until diapering my niece, Khiana, I had no experience with AIOs.  Now, I may be sold!  They are so easy and convenient, and the colors and patterns are really cute.  They are not as cheap as the prefolds and covers, but they still pay for themselves pretty quickly.  And like all cloth diapers, they are environmental and will keep chemicals off our baby's bum, so it's worth it to us to have diapers we will enjoy using.

The other fun side of buying your diapers through is the 'fluffy mail'.  For a while there, we were receiving packages every day or two, and when the kids would see the mail truck coming down the street, they would scream out, "Fluffy mail, Mom!  Can I open the fluffy mail this time?"  I think our various mail persons are rather confused by the excitement over the packages.  One of these days we'll have to fill them in. ;) 


Denise said...

They are so cute!! I love the fabric! This makes me miss having a baby in the house. :(

Jenny said...

I keep thinking about switching to cloth to help Elliot potty-train.It is overwhelming, though, especially since he is already two. We are hoping to have more kids so I know they'll be used more than for just him. We'll see!

Andy and Kiara said...

Hi Jenny,
I really encourage you to try it! We didn't pull out the cloth diapers full time until Keandre was 2 1/2. We were so overwhelmed by his health issues when he was younger that we pretty much never gave cloth a thought. Now I really regret not doing it earlier. It's not really any harder than disposable, after all, and he, of all my kids, would have benefitted most from avoiding the chemicals in disposables. Ah, well. Now we are there and he is totally comfortable with them, although he only wears them during naps and overnight.
Check out my other recent post if you want to read more about the different kinds of cloth diapers, and a great link to a cloth diapering site. Or email me any time! :)

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