Saturday, April 10, 2010

rain in the desert

When you live in the desert, rain is not just a natural is an event in and of itself!  (Hence our this post where we celebrated all things rain. :) 

We have a 'river' running through our city that supposedly fills up when it rains, and carries the extra water away.  We pass over it fairly regularly, and the kids have never seen more than a trickle of water, so they had become skeptical that it was ever truly a river.  But with all the rain we had this spring, we finally had our chance to see it in action. 

In awe at the sight....
Look at those trees!
"This is really cool!"
Keandre was a bit nervous about the fast running water and
needed some reassurance.
Soon a project began.....building a dam.
Daddy was as into it as the kids were!
Keandre finally relaxed and enjoyed throwing rocks into the river.
One last attempt at catching a fish before we left the area. 
(His one disappointment about the day.)


MotherGoose518 said...

Where is this???!!!

Heather said...

I love the homemade dam! :)

Andy and Kiara said...

That was a favorite activity for my siblings and I when we were little, too, so it's fun to see them doing the same thing!

Andy and Kiara said...

Melodie -- right in the middle of town. Amazing, huh? :)

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