Friday, April 30, 2010

April Kids' Quotes

"I found a bunch of non-biteless ants!  There's a row going up the tree, and another row going down."

“Mom, my feet are getting wilty. They are so tired!”

“My daddy worked ALL NIGHT LONG. He made like a billion dollars!” (Tax night; she told this to our neighbor after overhearing us say that it was a long night, but worth it. We got a good return!)

“I don’t think I need sunscreen…..I’m warm-blooded.”

"Do you see the fishy Mommy?  I think he's not home.  I think he died or went to church." (the fish in their fish tank was hiding)

Andy: "Keandre, where did you get such a wonderful Mommy?"
Keandre: "From Papa!"


Anonymous said...

Oh that's sweet. Keandre has great insight. Isn't it so wonderful being a parent. Your children delight my heart.


MotherGoose518 said...

I am absolutely LOL @ non biteless ants!!!!

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