Saturday, April 17, 2010

15 Things That Make Kiara Happy

1.  God's grace, new beginnings, worshipping Him.
2.  Realizing all over again that I have the family I always dreamed of having.
3.  Date nights with my amazing hubby.
4.  Snuggling with my children and reading to them before bed. (Preferibly a new chapter book vs. the books I have memorized!)
5.  A clean and organized house. (That's probably every Mama's dream, isn't it?)
6.  Time by myself in my clean & organized house. (Okay, I admit...that rarely happens.)
7.  Home projects....or should I say completed home projects.
8.  Family walks in the evening.
9.  Family gatherings at my parents' house -- everyone together. 
10.  Keandre sneaking into our bed in the morning and falling asleep snuggled up next to me. 
11.  Hiking on a beautiful day -- me, God, and my Ipod. 
12.  Burying myself in a good book at the end of a long day. 
13.  A big, yummy salad.  Lots of fresh fruit.  A big cup of water.  (Yes, I'm pg.  And these are my cravings lately. :)
14.  Feeling strong and fit.  (I can't wait to be allowed to work out again!)
15.  Peaceful evenings hanging out in the front yard while the kids ride their bikes and scooters.

If you want to see the kids' posts, check them out here: Lucas, Destany, & Keandre

I'm still working on Andy, but I'm sure he'll post soon.  And eventually we'll move my post and his to be right after the kiddos' posts. :)

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Denise said...

What a great list! I love #10. That's the best, isn't it?

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